About us

South Africa and the Netherlands has a lot to offer to each other. That is the opinion of the South Africa House. In the South Africa House four institutions striving to keep the Dutch interest in South Africa alive. The Friends of the South Africa House, the Library, the Study Fund Foundation for South African Students and the Maandblad Zuid-Afrika. 

Our opening hours are: Tuesdays - Fridays from 10:00 to 16:00. On Mondays, the library is closed. Please announce your visit in advance, since many materials are now stored at the depot and are therefore not directly accessible.

Wheelchair (in)accessibility of Zuid-Afrikahuis:
Zuid-Afrikahuis is located in a monumental building and is only accessible via an outside staircase. The library and reading room are located on the 1st floor, without a lift.
Zuid-Afrikahuis is therefore not suitable for people in wheelchairs and those who have difficulty walking. Should you wish to receive information from the archive or library, we will help you as well as possible. You can contact us from Tuesday to Friday between 10.00 - 16.00 on the following telephone number or email address.


Keizersgracht 141-C
Phone: 020-6249318
Fax: 020-6382596
E-Mail: info [at] zuidafrikahuis [dot] nl


South Africa House    Keizersgracht 141-C    1015 CK Amsterdam    The Netherlands    tel: +31-20-6249318    fax: +31-20-6382596