Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland

The Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland is heir to the former Dutch-South-African-Railway-Association (NZASM). The NZASM worked on behalf of a request from president Paul Krüger at the end of the nineteenth century to contstruct a series of railways. The foundation was founded in 1908.

Main among the goals of the Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland is the one to strenghten and maintain the cultural and economic relations between the Netherlands and South Africa, particularly the Dutch interests in South-Africa. The Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland owns the South Africa House at Keizersgracht 141 in Amsterdam.

The Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland seeks to achieve its goals by maintenance of the South Africa House and by subsidizing various agencies that are closely related to her. This means, for example, keeping up the library and the archives of the South Africa House, subsidizing the monthly Maandblad Zuid-Afrika as well as occasional grants to, for example, the Festival voor Afrikaans. In South Africa, the foundation supports the SASNEV (South African Centre for Netherlands and Flanders) in Cape Town.

Occasionally, applications for projects grants could be submitted to the secretariat of the Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland. These projects must meet a numer of conditions and applications must have a budget.
If you need any further information, send an e-mail to zasm [at] zuidafrikahuis [dot] nl.

South Africa House    Keizersgracht 141-C    1015 CK Amsterdam    The Netherlands    tel: +31-20-6249318    fax: +31-20-6382596