SOWETO SOUL, music documentary and interview with director - 9 November

(NL / South Africa, 2017, 53 min, English and Zulu spoken, English subtitles)
Direction: Joep Pelt

Film: African Jim (aka Jim comes to Jo'Burg) in the Maand van de Geschiedenis - October 24th

Maand van de Geschiedenis: Geluk (Happiness)
Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 19.30, Movie: African Jim (aka Jim comes to Jo'Burg)
(South Africa, 1949, 52 min, English spoken)
With: Daniel Adnewmah, Dolly Rathebe, The African Inkspots

Exhibition and lecture in Maand van de Geschiedenis - October 28 and 29

Maand van de Geschiedenis: Geluk (Happiness)
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October 2017, 11.00-18.00h, Fine Arts and Lecture
Guy Königstein - (Un)Shared Histories

How should we deal with complex heritage and painful past, and what can be the role of art in the writing of our collective history? These questions are central to a unique exhibition and performance project produced by artist Guy Königstein in the South Africa House.

Netwerk24-journalists in Amsterdam

See here a few impressions of the Netwerk24 journalists who, since February 2016, each spent two months at South Africa House in Amsterdam. What do they think of The Netherlands and about the Dutch? And what meaning does this foreign experience have for their work and career back home?

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