The Zuid-Afrikahuis houses a rich and varied collection of archives and maps. Over the years the archives have proven to be an important source of information for researchers, students and amateur-historians interested in the history of the relationship between the Netherlands and South Africa from ca. 1880 onwards.

Especially the period of 1880-1920 is well attested, a phase of intensive contact between the Netherlands and South Africa as exemplified by the many archives of Dutch organisations engaged with South Africa on a political, social and economical level. The various organisations were located in different places in Amsterdam until the 1920s, and shared a building on the Keizersgracht from 1923 onwards. This shared building, the current location of the Zuid-Afrikahuis, also contained a shared space for their respective libraries and archives which were extended over the years. Nowadays the archives are fully accessible, both physically and digitally. The indexes of the archives are accessible through the website since May 2016, and in future parts of the archives themselves will also be made available digitally.

The archives can be studied Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-16.00 hrs.

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