Foundation Study Fund for South-African Students

What is the Foundation Study Fund for South-African Students?

The Foundation Study Fund for South African Students (SSF) is connected with the Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis Nederland.

The SSF, or as a matter of fact a predecessor, was founded in 1885 and is rooted in the historical ties between the Netherlands and South-Africa. Today the Foundation wants to contribute to the new, democratic South-Africa by giving young, bright South African studentsĀ  the opportunity to gain access to high-quality education and research in the Netherlands.

Traditionally, the Dutch and Afrikaans languages are closely connected and traditionally scholarships were granted in the realm of languages, literature, art, history and theology. Nowadays students from all realms are invited to apply.
An application is no guarantee for a grant. The board which decides about the applications takes especially into account arguments of quality and the question if the applying studentĀ  has no other financial resources.

The special niche of the SSF

The SSF grants scholarships to South-African students who are willing to participate in exchange programmes between Dutch and South-African universities, with the means of gaining a Master or PhD-degree, for a period up to six months.

The SSF also provides travel allowances for short term visits to the Netherlands to do research, attend academic courses, conferences and master classes.

Note: The aim of the SSF is not to assist South African students in getting a Dutch university degree.


Read the Frequently Asked Questions and How to apply?

For specific questions, do not hesitate to take contact with Guido van den Berg, secretary Foundation Study Fund for South-African Students: