Magic Visions: An Online Exhibition

7 september 2022
Auteur: Team Zuid-Afrikahuis
Foto: Pondoland Native - Smoking Pipe, by Kathy and Julia Arbuckle / Website of


The book, Magic Visions: Portraying and Inventing South Africa with Lantern Slides, inspired a collaborative project by Staff and Students at the Centre for Visual Art (CVA) and the Digital Arts department, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The project was initiated by Rosa Deen, one of the editors of the book, who approached members of staff at UKZN’s School of Arts during her time as a researcher in South Africa. In addition, Deen, recommended the conceptual usage of the term, ‘absent referent’, which considers what is not seen in an image but is hinted at, kept out of sight, or obscured.

The project began with a series of workshops in 2021, conducted by Wayne Reddiar (Lecturer in Digital Arts). The workshops looked at the importance of the archive in practice based research; key aesthetic processes linked to appropriation and recontextualization; and the agency of images and archives. The workshop participants went on to engage with the archive and produced a series of artworks. These works drew on personal experiences, critical theory, questions around power, and the relationship with place. Earlier this year, Dr. Louise Hall (Head of the Centre for Visual Art) extended the project to undergraduate students at the CVA, where they went on to use the magic lantern slide archive for artistic intervention and exploration.

A presentation of the artworks, featuring Staff, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students is available online at:

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19 september 2023, Actueel
Reflection(s): reflecting critically on the ZAH past, present and future
Inspired by the enriching conversations generated during our Open the Archives! conference, The Zuid-Afrikahuis (ZAH) is glad to announce the launch of the ‘Reflection(s): reflecting critically on the ZAH past, present and future’ event series.
18 september 2023, Actueel
Joernalis in die Huis: Carl Thomas
Sinds 2016 verblijven er journalisten van het Zuid-Afrikaanse Media24 op de Keizersgracht. Tijdens hun verblijf van twee maanden doen de journalisten buitenland-ervaring op en schrijven zij over Nederland en Europa voor hun eigen media in Zuid-Afrika. In september en oktober 2023 verblijft Carl Thomas in het appartement boven het Zuid-Afrikahuis!
11 september 2023, Cultuur
Africa Supernova
Kunsthal KAdE toont van 24 september 2023 t/m 7 januari 2024 de collectie Afrikaanse kunst van Carla en Pieter Schulting. In de afgelopen vijf jaar hebben zij een omvangrijke verzameling aangelegd van 170 kunstwerken van 154 kunstenaars uit 33 Afrikaanse landen en de Afrikaanse diaspora.


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