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Stories of de Caab. Reflections on the shared colonial history of South-Africa and The Netherlands
Joernalis in die Huis
Joernalis in die Huis: Dénique Smith
Ek is Denique Smith en tans die redakteur van Die Burger Gesond wat twee-weekliks verskyn. Ek is die afgelope vyf jaar deel van Media24. Oor die afgelope vyf jaar het ek menige mense se stories vertel – van harde nuus tot leefstyl-artikels.
Absent Presences
Bundel Launch 'Absent Presences'
On 2 April 2024, the third volume of the Zuid-Afrikahuis (SZAHN) series was launched under the title Absent Presences: Decolonizing our Views of the Zuid-Afrikahuis and its Collections. The project was part of the events that commemorated the centenary residence of the Zuid-Afrikahuis (South Africa House, ZAH) in the canal house on the Keizersgracht 141, in Amsterdam.
Joernalis in die Huis
Voting in the dark: The 2024 SA elections may mark a new form of 'power cut'
30 years of democracy in South Africa have been marred by a slow descent into literal and figurative darkness for many. Now the opposition parties of the nation have united in a Hail Mary fashion to offer something new at a time where the country stands on the brink, once again. Can a coalition win? Can it last?
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