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die woorde in my kop het stil geword
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28 Sept

Gratis toegang
Panel discussion
South Africa-Netherlands Student Dialogue
All South African and Dutch students were invited to a dialogue on the opportunities arising from the South Africa-Netherlands bilateral educational agenda. Students were provided a platform to engage important networks from South Africa and the Netherlands, with the view to fostering rich exchange around themes related to their international experience: With a Purpose.
‘Magic visions. Portraying and inventing South Africa with lantern slides’
Op donderdag 15 september jl. werd het digitale boek 'Magic Visions. Portraying and inventing South Africa with lantern slides' feestelijk gelanceerd in het Zuid-Afrikahuis met onder andere een verdiepende presentatie over de aanleiding en achtergrond van het project en het follow-up project bij University of KwaZulu-Natal. Na afloop is er een borrel in de tuin van het Zuid-Afrikahuis.
Queering the Stereotype
In this episode of Footnotes, we’ll dive deeper into the relation between main stream cultural production and queer cultural and artistic practices. What does it mean to produce ‘queerly’? What different strategies exist to create space for queer and nonnormatively gendered voices? Does one take a stand and offer explicitly ‘different’ perspectives to what audiences would expect?
South African economy in numbers
28 years since South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 it remains one of the most unequal societies in the world, despite all efforts to empower previously disadvantaged groups in all spheres of the economy. Hanlie Stadler, business editor of Netwerk24, gives an overview of the South African economy in numbers – including a look at who is unemployed and why, and who runs the country’s biggest companies. Was the Covid-19 crisis perhaps an opportunity to change the trajectory of the economy?
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