Joernalis in die Huis – lezing Denique Smith

Datum: 11 april 2024
Inloop: 16.45 uur
Tijd: 17.00 - 18.00 uur CET
Locatie: Keizersgracht 141-C of YouTube
Taal: Engels


Excess weight is a huge problem in our country and the world today. The prevalence of people who are overweight and obese is at an all‑time high, and this is increasing across the globe. More than 1.9 billion or 39% of adults are overweight or obese in the world. In South Africa, 31% of men, 68% of women and about 13% of children under five years old are overweight or obese. But in stark contrast to that, a lot of South Africans are dealing with hunger. In her lecture, the journalist in residence Denique Smith will be talking about the prevalence of obesity of South Africans and how it impacts the country.

About Denique Smith

Denique Smith is editor of Die Burger Gesond, a bi-weekly supplement. She has been part of Media24 for the past five years. Over the past five years she has told many people’s stories – from hard news to lifestyle articles. Initially she wanted to study medicine, but her Afrikaans teacher at high school sparked her love not only for Afrikaans, but also for journalism. She never thought she would love telling people’s stories this much and also write about food and wine.

When she is not in the newsroom, she likes to enjoy a glass of wine with her friends and family or do some outdoor activities to keep herself busy.

Join us for this event at the Zuid-Afrikahuis or watch it live on YouTube.


Keizersgracht 141-C
1015 CK Amsterdam


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