Have you written a master’s thesis on the (changing) relationship between Europe and Southern Africa?

And do you want to share these insights with a larger audience? Submit your research online with us and have a chance to win the Zuid-Afrikahuis thesis prize!

Submit your master’s thesis before April 15, 2024 via the online registration form!

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Biannually, the Zuid-Afrikahuis awards a thesis prize for a master’s thesis that investigates, broadly speaking, the (changing) relationship between Europe and Southern Africa or an element of this relationship.

The purpose of the thesis prize is to provide a spotlight for the work done by talented young academic researchers and writing talents. By means of this prize we also stimulate scientific research on the transnational relations between Europe and Southern Africa. The winner of the thesis prize will receive a cash prize of € 500 and the opportunity to present their thesis research to a wider audience.

Conditions to participate

Theme thesis


Language thesis

Graduation date


The (changing) relationship between Europe and Southern Africa, in particular insight into social relations, cultural interactions and/or transformation processes.

Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics

Dutch, English, or Afrikaans

Between 01-01-2022 and 31-12-2023

Master thesis assessed with at least a Dutch grade 7,5, or an international equivalent thereof.

Assessment Criteria

  • Research that stands out in terms of subject, theory and methodology.
  • Research that uses an original perspective to offer new insights.
  • Research that has both scientific and social merit.
  • Research that has been well-written


Entries can be submitted until April 15, 2024 12:00 hrs. Use the registration form on our website. You will hear at the end of May whether your thesis meets the criteria. In the European summer a shortlist will be announced. The thesis prize will be presented at a special event in the autumn of 2024.

Registration form

Online repository

The submitted master’s theses will be made available to the public in an online repository of the Zuid-Afrikahuis and will be included in the library catalog of the Zuid-Afrikahuis.

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